Meet the All Drive Training Academy LLC Team

Where the Passion Begins for Masterful Defensive Driving Teaching!

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Carmelita Carr


We’re happy to introduce to you, Carmelita as one of our owners as well as Advanced Instructor. As our Advanced Course Instructor, she's committed to providing students with the skills and tools necessary to continue their learning journey.

Donna Nious

Intermediate Course Instructor

Donna Nious who is also an owner, has been with All Drive Training Academy LLC from the very beginning. After 26 years of experience as an instructor in United States Army, we’re thrilled to have her expertise as our Intermediate Course Instructor.

Jesse Neimus

Beginner Course Instructor

Since joining our team a few years ago, Jesse Neimus has brought a fresh perspective and teaching approach to their position as our Beginner Course Instructor that has inspired innovation throughout All Drive Training Academy LLC.